a voice for paws

A Voice for Paws is dedicated to helping animals live better lives throughout Gloucester County by providing education regarding pet care, spaying/neutering, and animal adoption. We aim to raise awareness about how adopting, fostering, and even volunteering at an animal shelter or rescue helps save lives. The more people that work with dogs and cats, the more lives that can be saved.

Education/Awareness Efforts Include:
– Teaching Children about Pet Care
– Providing Information about the Health and Behavior Benefits of Spaying/Neutering
– Bringing Awareness to the Dangers of not Altering pets

In addition to our education and awareness efforts, we provide both short and long-term assistance for animals. We are committed to ensuring that all animals are sheltered, safe, healthy, and loved.

We Provide Assistance for:
– Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR)
– Feral/Stray Cats
– Foster Care for Stray Pets
– Food for Feral Animals
– Dog Training
– Pet Owners with Economic Hardships

We need volunteers for fundraising events, tabling events, etc. You can help an animal by reporting animal cruelty or abuse to the NJSPCA by calling 800-582-5979. Remember if you see something and do nothing, you’re just as guilty as the abuser.